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Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show 2022 - On Any Sunday

The Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show is an annual event held at the Boys Republic campus in China Hills CA, in support of youth reform.

Steve McQueen Car Rally Returns to Palm Springs for 2023

The Steve McQueen Car Rally is returning to Palm Springs CA for 2023

Hagerty: Free Automobile Assurance

Los Angeles CA, May 28 2021 - Addressing a well-heeled crowd outdoors on the roof of the Petersen parking garage, McKeel provided an interesting and very current overview of the collector car market.

Bonhams' Supercars on Sunset 2021

There's a new share-chef in town – named Bonhams, and on offer is a 32 course sampler feast of the finest cuts of beefy cars you can mustard in your imagination.

Sunshine Auction Lights Up Again - McCormick's 70

Palm Springs CA, Feb 27 2021 - One thing that can be generally counted on is winter sunshine in Palm Springs.

Masked Gang Loots Palm Springs Treasure at McCormick's

McCormick's Collector Car Auction 69 - This byline may have been lifted from newspaper a century ago when Palm Springs was just starting to be settled in the wild west. The fact that it might even be true today is a testament to bad humor and the fact that Covid-19 has changed the rules on the ground for everyone.

Distant Memories - On Your Own a Cord

Poring through last year's Monterey Car Week photos, I tagged this fantastic yellow 1937 Cord B12 at Mecum Auctions as one of the regrets.

Echo Park - Gray Parade

It doesn’t take much for an excuse to pull out the old iron and put the top down in the middle of December. Los Angeles is great on all such points. On this day however, overcast skies dimmed the color a bit – a gray backdrop but no rain to spoil.

McCormick Palm Springs Car Auction 67 Sells Cadillac Restored for TV Show

A total of 330 vehicles sold at the Nov. 22-24 Collector Car Auction in downtown Palm Springs. A 1961Cadillac Coupe deVille owned by Danny “The Count” Koker, star of the History Channel TV show “Counting Cars,” sold for $63,000.

Love Ride 33: Back in the Saddle

While all good things come to an end, some good things that end come back to life again. Love Ride 33 took a few years to be born again, but also started the process in a more manageable footprint.