Brad Boyle Motorsports: Pitching in With The Boys

Each year Brad Boyle Motorsports hosts a couple of barbeques at his warehouse zone in Costa Mesa California. All proceeds are proceeded to the Boys.

2017 Steve McQueen Rally

May 20-21 2017 - The Steve McQueen Rally held its second charity fundraiser to help bring awareness to the Boys Republic. The event filled all 48 slots expected (48 was Steve McQueen's racing number).

Steve McQueen Inaugural Car Rally

Malibu CA, May 14 2016 - The Steve McQueen rally number one will be remembered as the start of something great. The next car rally May 20-21 2017

2016 Steve McQueen Car Show

June 4 2016 - The Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show.  Next show June 3 2017 in Chino Hills CA. All proceeds are donated to Boys Republic.

2016 Steve McQueen Car Show Snapshots

Chino Hills CA, June 4 2016 - This year’s Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show was themed after the famed classic film, The Getaway. All proceeds are donated to Boys Republic. Next show June 3 2017.

Wheeler Dealers at Greystone Concours d'Elegance 2017

Mike Brewer was intrigued by our 360Fly camera on a monopod - so much so he launched into a quick bit about Wheeler Dealer attending this annual event.

8th Legends of the Autobahn: Celebrating German Automotive Engineering

The Legends of the Autobahn returned this year to the prestigious Nicklaus Club-Monterey. The event is described by Eddie Funahashi and Frank Patek,

The Petersen Grand Reopening

The Petersen Automotive Museum has reopened in grand style. Executive Director Terry Karges invites everyone to experience the wonderful new entertainment features along with the perfect automobiles of history. Here is your first sneak peek!

LA Auto Show 2015: Still Rollin'

One of Special Car Store’s “jobs” is to catch all the flash and dash we can. The Willie J Laws Band plays an encore for our photographs that make no sound. Next LA Auto Show November 18-27, 2016.

LA Auto Show 2015: Rollin' Along

The Willie J Laws Band that is, entertaining the Motor Press Guild invitational crowd awaiting the new Giulia from Alfa Romeo. Next LA Auto Show November 18-27, 2016.

LA Auto Show 2015: Beauty & d'Beats

Complementing the latest bright and shiny metal based objects are real nice people, trending on the beautiful. You can go buy the cars another day - but you can only see the Ladies of the LA Auto Show here and now! Next LA Auto Show November 18-27, 2016.

LA Auto Show 2015 - DUB Show Tour d'Force

DUB Magazine has been staking out space at the LA Auto Show for 10+ years. This is the final stop of the DUB Show Tour. You need to see this if you love cars – catch the the next LA Auto Show November 18-27, 2016.

Pebble Beach Tour D'Elegance - Start 2015

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to get to the front of the line of the Tour d'Elegance. Sometimes the rarefied air at the Starting Line is shrouded in coastal fog and mist, making for a very fresh experience.

Petersen Automotive Museum Previews New Tech At Pebble Beach Concours (Video)

Pebble Beach CA, Aug 15 2015 - Terry Karges of the Petersen Automotive Museum provides a summary of the Museum's Press Conference in an interview on the lawn of the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance.

George Barris - AFAS Kind of Guy

George Barris at AFAS Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2015 Exhibit talks about his new book "King of the Kustomizers: The Art of George Barris."

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