Young Entrepreneurs Win Scion "Motivate" Program

Scion Mar 19 2013 – Scion announced today the 10 talented and passionate young entrepreneurs who each won a Scion vehicle, Scion accessories, $10,000 and career mentoring as part of the Motivate program. The winners include a nonprofit music program leader, documentary filmmaker and a graphic designer, reflecting the competitive program's focus on the creative arts community

Young Entrepreneurs Win Scion "Motivate" Program
Launched in October, the Motivate program drew applications from all over the country that described individuals' variety of entrepreneurial goals and efforts around art, fashion, music and film. A panel selected 50 semi-finalists to participate in a three-day workshop last week in Santa Monica, Calif. with leading entrepreneurs covering topics such as growing sales, establishing a physical space and online development. The participants incorporated new insights learned into their Motivate entries and final winners were chosen. The 10 winners are:

 Jahmal C. of Chicago, an author and publisher
 Jeff P. of Denver, a backpack manufacturer
 Kate B. of Portland, Ore., a co-owner of a touring theater company
 Lily S. of Dallas, an owner of a graphic design and letterpress company   
 Peter K. of Villa Park, Ill., a digital music magazine publisher
 Philip G. of Nashville, Tenn., a nonprofit music program leader
 Reed G. of Annapolis, Md., an artist and import retail store owner
 Roseli I. of Oakland, Calif., an import accessories business owner
 Tobi A. of San Francisco, a custom wood product designer
 William T. of Chicago, a documentary filmmaker
All winners will be individually paired with a relevant business mentor for future career-building and had their choice of any Scion vehicle. The remaining semi-finalists each received a $1,000 grant and left the workshop with helpful industry knowledge that they can apply to their business moving forward.
“We've learned so much and winning the prize, it means the world to me and my business,” said Kate B. “I won the Scion xB and that will make a huge difference for my company. It’s a touring theater company, and we'll be able to tour safely and fit everything we need to in our car.”
Reed G. also chose the xB for her fair trade accessories boutique.
“My business now revolves a lot around being transient, so I go to festivals, I vend, so to have a very reliable car and one that has a lot of space to carry my inventory is pretty amazing,” she said. “Even if I hadn’t won this amazing prize, I still just felt like it was so beneficial for me as a business owner to be involved in this amazing workshop.”
Other winners planned to use the new vehicles as part of their marketing efforts by wrapping them with custom designs. Winners already had plans for how they would invest the prize money back into their businesses, including new equipment and increasing their online presences.
“The Motivate winners live and breathe the passion Scion hoped to find and elevate through this first-ever program for young entrepreneurs,” said Scion Vice President Doug Murtha. “These individuals’ continued success is what we wish for all of our customers, who continue to show us they relate to forging their own paths and creative expression. In its 10 years, that passion remains part of the Scion story.”
Learn more about the Scion Motivate program at


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