Toly Arutunoff - Steering With Your Knees at Etceterini Garage

Steering With Your Knees by Toly Arutunoff book signing event at Michael Kersnick's Eclectic Garage

Burbank CA, Jan 10 2016 - Long time racer, bon vivant, and super car enthusiast Toly (Anatoly) Arutunoff is celebrating the publication of his latest book: "Steering With Your Knees." Toly is a 60+ year SCCA member, an H-Production national champion and a President's Cup awardee. He competed in the Targa Florio, Sebring, Daytona, as well as the legendary Cannonball Run. He also founded the first Ferrari dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma, built Hallett Raceway and was just nominated to the exclusive Road Racing Drivers Club.

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Autobooks-Aerobooks hosted Toly for a Saturday morning autograph session - kind of a Burbank tradition for automotive writers. Burbank is also quietly home to a large number of large collections of cars. The not-so-quiet Jay Leno's Garage is near the Burbank Airport, but a nondescript warehouse district across the I5 freeway from beautiful downtown Burbank is ripe with the metal fruit of many done-well automobile fanciers. A small band of big fans got a less crowded visit with Toly Sunday at Michael Kersnick and Donna Mozzone's eclectic garage in Burbank.

1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

The Etceterini is a family and friends shop full to the gills with small, cool and unusual cars. The selection is part of a bigger collection in Pennsylvania, with some moving to California - where the best cars gravitate to and everyone ought'o be. There is nothing like seeing something you haven't seen before. You just don't see perfect little Rovers, Lancias, X-19s and Silver Stream trailers every day - but given the right friends you can see them once and awhile in Burbank. In this case, you may soon be able to buy one of these cars and drive them down the street to your own shop of wonders.

Contact if you are interested in more information about this collection or purchasing some of the contents!


Toly's first book "One Off" chronicled many of his wild racing adventures. Find more in his new book "Steering With Your Knees." Purchase at Autobooks-Aerobooks

Photos by Randy Berg

Pictured below: 1955 Rover P4; 1955 Renault 4CV (offered at; and 1962 Facel Vega Facellia

1955 Rover P4 at "Steering With Your Knees" book signing event at Etceterini Garage
1955 Renault 4CV at "Steering With Your Knees" book signing event at Etceterini Garage
1962 Facel Vega Facellia at "Steering With Your Knees" book signing event at Etceterini Garage

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