Southern California BUG-IN 39: Sunday Apr 27 2014

Irwindale Event Center, Apr 20 2014 - The BUG-IN is home to one of the largest VW Car Shows in the world. Sponsored by Wolfsburg West, all years and models of VWs are welcome to participate in the show no matter what your shape or size. The car show is divided into two separate categories; Vintage and Custom. Among those categories are different classes split up by model and year. It is completely up to the participant whether they want to be judged in the Custom Class, or the Vintage Class.

Each participant will receive a judging card, and asked to vote for one car in each class except the class they are entered in. Once completed, the judging card is returned to the car show registration booth, and the votes are counted. For each class there is a 1st place and Runner up plaque awarded.

BUG-IN details:

Photos by Randy Berg (Click any photo for BUG-IN 38 Flickr slideshow)

Video: Bug-In 38 “Mexico.vw 1961 – Reinvented”

1962 Volkswagen Crew Cab Bus


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