Rodeo Drive Concours - Father's Fantasy and the Motorcycle Man

Beverly Hills CA, Jun 16 2013 -Father’s Fantasy and the Motorcycle Man

It seems that motorcycles are finally getting their time in the sun on the Concours automobile circuit. Bikes are now an expected feature with a loyal following. Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance has become a Father's Day fixture in Beverly Hills, and what father doesn't have a secret if not burning desire to be a motorcycle guy? The same kind of passion for motive metal art follows two wheelers the same as four and that shows up in the class of preservation of unique and notable motorized cycles.

Some folks know their bikes more than most. Vinnie Mandzak is one of those folks - a walking encyclopedia of bike history and detailed relevance for the rest of us. A lifelong bike enthusiast, Vinnie was a wise choice for curator of the Concours motorcycle lineup. Vinnie helped assemble a field of 22 beautiful motorcycles to complement the showmobiles (and Lear Jet!) for the 2013 edition of the Rodeo Drive.

Ranging from a Honda mini-bike to a 2013 Zero, the center parking spot on Rodeo Drive was host to an amazing variety of motorcycles. Vinnie has the story on all of them, and lots of owner friends to go with. The kids were naturally drawn to the Mad-Max-like movie bike, but surely a new generation will forever remember the eye-level look of perfection across a long line of history.

The hard part comes down the road. “Dad, can I have a motorcycle?”

by Randy Berg

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