Rare Ferrari F50 turns up wrecked in salvage yard bidding battle

Yahoo, Oct 14 2013 - The mania for classic Ferraris that's made them the most valuable cars in the world has trickled down in recent years to a select few of the automaker's more recent vehicles. For example, the F50 supercar, of which only 349 were built back in the 1990s, have seen their prices skyrocket, with one selling for $1.7 million in August. Which makes this example seem like a steal at just $103,000 -- although its location in a Connecticut insurance salvage yard and the details surrounding its arrival there have raised Ferrari aficionados' suspicions. http://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/rare-ferrari-f50-turns-salvage-ya...

Photo by Randy Berg: 1995 Ferrari F50 - RM Auctions Monterey CA 2013

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