Pope Francis’ newest ride: A 29-year-old beater with 186,000 miles

Yahoo, Sep 11 2013 - Pope Francis has already made headlines for choosing a five-year-old Ford Focus as his preferred papal transportation, part of a public emphasis on thrift and poverty. But last weekend, the pontiff expanded his garage with the addition of a 29-year-old sedan with 186,000 miles as his personal car. It's too bad Click and Clack retired before they could take a call from Vatican City. www.autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/pope-francis-newest-ride-29-old-beat...

Photo by Randy Berg: 2013 Ford Focus Scene@ CES 2013 - 2013 Focus offers style and substance and smart technologies. MyFord Touch, powered by SYNC, with Wi-Fi capability, text-to-voice capability, HD Radio with iTunes tagging and available voice-activated navigation.

2013 Ford Focus Scene@ CES 2013

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