Petersen Invitational: SVF1 1967 Ferrari Formula 1 tribute track car

SVF1, a 1967 Ferrari Formula 1 tribute track car

Thermal CA, Feb 21 2015 - In the late 1960’s, Formula 1 gave birth to some of the most iconic vehicles ever made. The cars were extremely light, had recently been reformatted with mid-engined layouts for superior handling, engines were making power well beyond what the sport had ever seen, and tires were actually wide enough to put all of it to the ground. Although on the brink, bodywork design had not yet been tainted by aerodynamic masterminds and the primary goal was streamlining for drag reduction. The result was an elegant form with a brutally raw mechanical components just beneath the skin.

SVF1, a 1967 Ferrari Formula 1 tribute track car

The 1967 Ferrari 312 encapsulated this era in one of the most beautiful forms the discipline had ever seen. Although not a winner, no one cared. Scarbo Performance has worked arduously to recreate this iconic racing car and pay homage to the passion it evoked. It’s handcrafted aluminum bodywork takes into consideration each original detail and takes expert craftsman months to shape using tools that have been passed down through generations. Although reliable, the drivetrain delivers just as much power as the original along with a sound that immediately gives you chills.

So many have dreamed about this car and what it would have been like to be Jackie Stewart or Jim Clark. Be one of the few to actually experience it.

SVF1, a 1967 Ferrari Formula 1 tribute track car

Source: Scarbo Performance

Photos: Randy Berg

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