Peter Brock Books Art Center Car Classic 2013: Corvette Natural Selection

Pasadena CA, Oct 27 2013 - History can be revealed in time, but only if there's a storyteller. The story of the Corvette Sting Ray came full circle at the Art Center's Car Classic 2013. Peter Brock was on hand again as alumni, having in his 20's talked his way in to attendance at the now world-renowned Art Center.

Peter Brock Books Art Center Car Classic 2013: Corvette Natural Selection

Brock went on to become the understudy of Bill Mitchell. Bill's mettle prevailed with fortuitous decisions that saved GM from itself in the world of iconic car brands. Facing extinction, Mitchell kept a secret team working on a race car (not even badged as a Chevrolet), using innovative designs he'd seen in Italy. Peter Brock had the great fortune to design the concept car and then develop the style for the new Sting Ray.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray - Art Center Car Classic 2013

Corvette Sting Ray -- Genesis of an American Icon is a clear and concise history of that era. Ripe with factory photographs of the entire Corvette design process, the book is a testament to the Art Center with its likeminded designs and models on display inside. The author was in his element among the beautiful display of cars, happy to talk to everyone about the cars and the book.

Peter said he was amazed at what the students are doing today, saying they have more talent walking in the door than he ever did. We'll allow that bit of modesty from a legend, though he's the one with the book. The new build from the efforts of those before; that cycle will continue. You never know exactly which of the Art Center students with go on to stardom, but the next stories are starting here now.

Available at AuboBooks-AeroBooks

Photos and video by Randy Berg

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