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Monterey CA, Aug 17-19 2017Thousands of vessels have sailed into the coastal valleys around Monterey for sale, show or shine. As you pilot your own craft into the ever crowding roads, you can't help but notice all the side streets full of transport haulers unloading cars or waiting to pick them up again.

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It gets tiring pointing out all the fence cars coming down the turnpike - it's not such a special gesture after the ninth McLaren or Cobra. But they just keep coming, worthy of a silent tribute. 

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As good an entertainment time as many a car show, automobile auctions are at the crossroads for collector vehicle owners - old owners passing on their love to a new one. It's a lot less time and effort involved to pass on the cars to an auction house full of qualified buyers.

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There has to be a small piece of sadness every time your car leaves the auction block with a Sold sticker, but the refrain is very consistent. Nobody ever seems to gripe about how much money they spent and lost on the beloved auto. The response is most often "I really enjoyed this car, but now it's time for someone else to enjoy it."

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1958 Aston Martin DBR1 sold $22,550,000 at RM Sotheby's

We are often shocked at the sale price of autos - plus and minus our expectations. A lot of great condition American cars sell for under $10,000 - far less dollars than what you can fix a wreck for. Other cars pull off staggering bids, yet the premium amount will rarely cover the cost to build perfection.

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 1979 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible (<200 miles unrestored) offered at Mecum

1965 Porsche 356C Convertible Coachwork by Reutter

 1965 Porsche 356C Convertible Coachwork by Reutter sold $145,200 at Bonhams

Monterey Car Week invokes the best of the best image, but there is a classic collectible car here for everyone's budget. Between Mecum, Russo & Steele, RM Sotheby's and Gooding & Company Auctions there might be one of everything cool.

1967 Land Rover 109 Phantom Convertible

1967 Land Rover 109 Phantom Convertible offered at Russo and Steele

RM Sotheby’s Monterey - Auction Results

Bonhams Quail Auction Results 2017

Russo and Steele Monterey 2017 - Auction Results

Mecum Monterey Auction 2017 Results

by Randy Berg 

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