McCormick's Collector Car Auction 52

Palm Springs, February 24-26 2012 - As if you need an excuse to go to Palm Springs in winter, McCormick's Collector Car Auction provides a lot full of eye candy and great reason for making the pilgrimage. People come form all over, knowing the quality of cars available, knowing the quality of buyers present, and knowing how hard the McCormicks work to make the sale.

To outsiders it all looks easy - you just show up, wave your paddle and pick out the cars you want. A closer look under the hood shows a well oiled team running the show, giving everyone a chance to buy and sell the car of their dreams. You might not notice al the moving parts - things happen so fast when the cars come in across the block. But there are dozens of people in line to help sign up the buyers and sellers, get the cars off the trucks and trailers and into the parking lots of the Spa Resort Casino.

McCormick's is geared for fast intake of bidders and sellers. They have a lot of staff on hand to help everyone get through the registration process for what would otherwise be a stress for the customers. The auction lot is a short walk down the street from McCormick's showroom. You're in the gate in no time.

The public view of cars on Friday is like a car show - allowing car enthusiasts an up close an personal look at every kind of car imaginable. By the time the first car rolls under the hammer, the crowd is ready and in the mood for cars with class.

The first car across the block this event was a red-hot 57 Chev with drag tires in tubs and a trunk wing. The winning bid was $19,500 - an unbelievable price for a heavily modified icon of Americana. 514 cars to go...

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McCormick's Collector Car Auction 52
McCormick's Collector Car Auction 52

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