McCormick's Auction 53 2012

Palm Springs CA, Nov 18 2012 - In the last decade Collector Auto Auctions have become big money events, with national television shows with white glove treatment for the cars and velvet ropes for the audiences. While beautiful to watch, they can be staged, stuffy and sterile - the personal connection to the buyers and sellers lost at a distance. The change of ownership in vintage automobiles is a symbolic event, often with very high and low moments for the buyers and sellers.

There are few collector automobile auctions remaining that celebrate the old fashioned exchange in a personal and up close manner. McCormick's Collector Car Auctions is putting on number 53 of their biannual events - that's more than 26 years of an unbroken dedication to the industry. The McCormick's family and team orchestrates the massive job of assembling more than 500 special automobiles for sale and purchase. It all looks so easy but hundreds of hours of preparation go into the mechanics of an auction.

Join Special Car Store for a behind the scenes view of the people working the show and the crowd, and of course the cars that become the star of the show.To learn more about the auction, please visit McCormick's Collector Car Auction at

by Randy Berg

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