Legends of Riverside V – The Cars The People

Riverside International Automotive Museum, Mar 23 2013 – Legends of Riverside: V for Vintage Racers
Southern California was the place where American car racing gravitated and congregated, then bred, raised anew and grew up. The compilation of a local engineering culture, good cars from Detroit and year round great weather made perfect conditions for history to unfold.

Legends of Riverside V: The Cars The People

History is nothing without the present though – if locked in a garage or closet or apartment, the knowledge of the past has no effect. Thankfully there are custodians of the car culture acknowledging the need and their duty to keep the history alive and share the stories. Our early designers, our builders, our racers – these are the people to provide the stories that need to be told first hand while readily possible.

Corvette specialist and automotive historian Jim Gessner introduced us to the Riverside International Automotive Museum to meet some of that history during the Legends of Riverside V Reunion. Dozens of famous Riverside racing icons lined up along a long line of tables to sign autographs amongst a building full of cars and displays.

Legends of Riverside V: The Cars The People

Bob Bondurant was this year’s Honoree – the museum throwing in a birthday party for him to boot. Bob surely liked the tidy blue Cobra his wife provided for a birthday gift. Thomas Stahler co-emceed and presented a series of videos for the crowd. Dick Guldstrand was given the Les Richter Award by museum President Doug Magnon. After a great dinner, Ed Justice Jr. hosted a lengthy one on one fireside chat with Bob Bondurant’s recollections.

The annual Legends event is full on value for the money – support a great cause and get great entertainment value in return. This is a must attend event for any race fan.

by Randy Berg

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