Ladies of the LA Auto Show 2013

Los Angeles CA, Nov 20 2103 - Putting on a big new automobile show requires a lot of hard work and much logistics planning for assembling all the moving parts in time. Motorcraft, their displays and people ship in from all parts of the world for a long drink of Los Angeles. After all the heavy lifting and polishing is done at the LA Convention Center, the public face of the motor companies winnows down to a few select representatives.

Photos by Randy Berg (Click any photo for Flickr slideshow)

In the spirit of Southern California and nature’s design of beauty, lines and curves, those hosts are often very beautiful women. While LA is a permanent magnet for those, the country’s auto and advertising headquarters are typically far beyond those mountains to the east of downtown. These ladies tend to be imports, but they fit the scenery. The metal and glass looks so much better with their reflection.

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Steve McQueen Car And Motorcycle Show


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The Petersen


Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance 2014



Dubsado Client Management System

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