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Los Angeles CA, Nov 19 2013 - We had tracked these beasts at prior coordinates. Still a surprise to come upon them across another hill. This time under the tents – out front of the LA Auto Show. This time the handler was near – the effervescent Gary Wales. Gary has long been at the forefront of car collecting and customizing – the beasts are his creation.

LaBestioni are outlandish concept cars right out of the last century – in the spirit of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The supersize sprouts from the remnants of neglected fire trucks. Given no body, Gary created his own marvelous flying machines (well, they fly up to 100 mph). With no class guidelines or rules to follow, he was free to be fancy and add whatever finery he felt fit.

And fit they do. The result is just the most beautiful muscular metal you might lay eyes on. This is heavy duty hot rod. As a pioneer in the field, Gary has only two simple goals. For one - he makes the cars only for his own satisfaction, happy to rescue history that would otherwise be lost.

The second purpose is to make people smile. “The object of this is: if you smile, that’s exactly what we wanted to do – is to make people smile.” With that - Gary wins on both counts, which may explain for his own permanent smile.

Photos and video by Randy Berg

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