Kode0 - Five for Flighting at 2017 Concorso Italiano

Seaside CA, August 19 2017 - Imagine for a moment - you have in hand a Lamborghini Aventador; a serious envy generator of the car world. Then imagine being at the level of consciousness where that is not quite good enough - and having the moxie to tear the old dream apart to remake it in your own vision. One of the guest stars of 2017 Concorso Italiano - Ken Okuyama lives dreams like that.

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Ken Okuyama Design has added 10 years of business experience beyond the day when he was Chief Stylist at Pininfarina. Within 12 years of residing in Italy he designed the Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 599, Maserati Quattroporte and other significant automobiles. His company creates designs for a wide variety of products - eyewear, furniture, tractors and bullet trains. In the case of certain cars, he not only conceives the design but also finds the partners to commission his work into finished product.

Kode0 by Ken Okuyama Design

"If you remember the era of 1968 to 1971, that was the era of dream cars. I was inspired by those dream cars and became a car designer, and we have an obligation to continue making that future heritage for our children. Let's bring back that dream car mentality and that styling with modern technology."

Kode 57 Developed and Designed by Ken Okuyama

Kode57 at Concorso 2016 (Video)

Ken's stunningly chiseled Kode57 (based on Ferrari 599) won "La Bella Macchina" (the Beautiful Machine) award at 2016 Concorso Italiano. He promised to come back, and he did. This year, the Kode57 was flanked by a new stablemate - a fresh new Kode0.

Kode 57 and Kode 0 by Ferrari Enzo Designer Ken Okuyama

This is a new carbon fiber body on a street legal automobile. The design is vaguely based on the Lamborghini Aventador, but everything has been changed - the sub frame, suspension, exhaust - just about everything but the windshield and side windows (for the sake of registration). 

Concorso Italiano 2017

"During the 80s and 90s the sports cars did not have a face, because they had retractable headlights. That was kind of an icon - the identity of being a sports car. Nowadays with modern technology you can integrate the headlights with lines on the rest of the body right to the rear of the car. One motion line - just like a flying saucer. So that's a 70s idea that we brought back. Everything is functional; no gadgets at all - it's quite simple."

Kode0 by Ken Okuyama Design

 We beg to differ with Ken, but the whole car is a great gadget and we can't think of anything simple about this process. After all the months of conceiving, drawing, cutting, building, fitting, testing and showing for each commissioning, Ken promises not to build more than 5 each of the Kode57 and Kode0 models. After #5 is done all the engineering data, spec, molds, math and stuff then gets tossed into the wind so that none can be built exactly so again.

Concorso Italiano 2017

This 5-off plan guarantees exclusivity for the commissioning buyers - their investment will not be diluted with multiples of something just any one-percenter can buy. 

Emcee Keith Martin exulted that we can't wait to see what Ken will bring next year. "You are a visionary and we appreciate seeing your vision to come to life right here. A big change from a sketch to a reality."

"We need to find a good client to work with, but we've already started working on the next project."

Concorso Italian 2017 in 4K

by Randy Berg


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