Icona Celebrates Vulcano Titanium at Top Marque Monaco 2016

Video published by: Icona Vulcano

Turin Italy, Feb 24 2016 - Icona releases new video of Vulcano Titanium celebrating its presence at Top Marque Monaco April 14-17 2016 . Icona shows more about the coachbuilding of its one-off creation: the unique titanium body.

Icona Vulcano Titanium on the concept lawn

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After its world premier at Pebble Beach 2015 and its European reveal in Paris, the Italian Design House has scheduled his presence in the European most important show car happenings: next appointment is in April at Top Marque Monaco.

Inspiration for the Vulcano came from the world’s fastest plane, the Blackbird SR-71, whose sharp and dramatic silhouette complimenting its sensual surface transitions was key to the styling of the Vulcano.” said Icona design director Samuel Chuffart. The naked titanium body is a sculpture, revealing its 10,000 hours of hand-crafted work in the most pure form. The Vulcano’s strongly sculpted body side and voluptuous shapes evacuate the hot air from the engine and reduce air turbulence generated by the wheels.

Icona Vulcano Titanium on the concept lawn

Pebble Beach 2015: Not Far From The Madding Crowd (Video)

The Vulcano Titanium was built by CECOMP, an Italian coachbuilder with a long and glorious history  in the Racing Field (eg: complete body development and production of Lancia Delta S4,  Lancia Delta Integrale, Alfa Romeo 155 DTM). The powertrain is the work of Mr. Claudio Lombardi, ex-Scuderia Ferrari director and mastermind of numerous world champion cars, and Mr. Mario Cavagnero the man behind the Lancia Racing Team and father of the engine of many championship-winning cars (the famous Lancia Delta Integrale and 037, as well as the complete Peugeot 205 T16 and 405 t16 series).

Icona Vulcano Titanium on the concept lawn

The Vulcano (volcano in Italian) has a mid-front engine calibrated for homologated road and race use with an optimum balance of usability and efficiency. Capable to be tuned to well near 1.000 horsepower should the owner demand it, the optimized 670 horsepower and 840 N/m of its supercharged V8 is coupled with a paddle-shift close ratio gearbox from Automac Modena, allowing 0 to 60 kw/h in 2.8 seconds and 120 km/h in 8.8 seconds.

Founded in early 2010, ICONA brings together the best of European design, engineering, modeling and prototyping experience.  This Italian design house born in Torino is working around the globe, providing leading design services and prototyping through an integrated partnership with Torino-based coachbuilder Cecomp. Today, Cecomp is involved in all stages of the car lifecycle: from style development and prototypes through to the supply of complete vehicles for some of the world’s most prestigious automotive brands.  Cecomp has manufactured several one-off cars previously seen at the best Concours d’Elegance worldwide.

Official: www.iconavulcano.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iconavulcano 
CECOMP: www.cecomp.it

Source: Icona Volcano

Photos: Randy Berg

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