e-go everywhere at Art Center Car Classic 2013

Pasadena CA, Oct 27 2013 - The Car Classic at the Art Center College of Design generally has one of everything at their annual gathering of transportation devices. This includes vintage motorcycles and bicycles – art on a kickstand. So being modern times, it makes sense to expect to see something new as well.

That new thing was Grant Delgatty (Art Center faculty) riding big circles around the cars and crowd with a very cool looking something you never saw before. It’s hard to categorize the first wave of something new, so we’re going with the company byline. “The world’s most compact personal e-vehicle” about covers it.

The e-go is a fully self-contained motor vehicle that can carry a big person up to 20 miles on a single charge. You can carry it in to work with you and onto other transportation modes to extend your range.

While today’s car manufacturers are trying to figure out how to connect cars with the user’s technology, Egological Mobility Solutions built the e-go around it. The company has developed iPhone apps that control the LED lights, indicate battery range and locks the craft for security. GPS and navigation help you get to destination.

The dinosaur tracks of tomorrow are the big fat tire treads of today. The e-go’s little footprint will help pave the way forward for different thinking about how we go places in future.

by Randy Berg: Click on any photo for Flickr slideshow

by Randy Berg: Click on any photo for Flickr slideshow

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