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Burbank CA, Oct 21 2014 - AutoDesignO – coolspeak for the Automotive Design Organization presented “Cars Of Character” at the Steven J. Ross Theater in the midst of the Warner Bros. studio lot. The movie studio is a great choice for a meeting location – Warner keeps a significant movie car museum and is a great local supporter providing famous automobiles to the many car shows and events every year in Burbank.

BMW i8: Charmaine Joie Couture- fashions and models

Hyundai EC-14: Charmaine Joie Couture- fashions and models   BMW 4 Series: Charmaine Joie Couture- fashions and models

Design and cars meshes very well with design and fashion. Charmaine Joie Couture provided a fleet of models and fashions to drape over the feature cars in front of the theatre lobby. We duly noted the blue and silver dress matching the gullwinged BMW.

Inside, the “Character of Cars” featured Design Sponsors/Panel (and the cars they brought):

Featured designers from Hyundai, GM, BMW and Mazda

Chris Chapman, Chief Designer - Hyundai Design Center (Hyundai EC-14)
Frank Saucedo, Director Advance Design - General Motors (Cadillac Elmiraj)
Laurenz Schaffer, President - BMW Group DesignworksUSA (BMW i8/4 Series)
Derek Jenkins, Director of Design - Mazda North America (2016 MX-5 Miata)
Eric Noble, Moderator - The CARLAB

Volkswagen Beetle - Cute?

The panel rated and provided commentary on the design and technical validity of a series of iconic cars behind on the big screen, prodded by Eric Noble. Most were in agreement with the significance of design but not necessarily of the descriptive terms. Eric could get no one to buy into the “mean” car moniker – while meaningful for car studs, no right minded manufacturer can call their car mean – a multi-meaning bad word, know what we mean?

Sponsor: Katzkin Automotive Leather Jeep

Katzkin Automotive Leather gave away a leather car interior job for one very lucky attendee. Man – we were only 27 numbers away and/or 14 seats away from winning for the old Olds! Now that’s a great car door prize.

Movie Icon Cars

Art Center Car Classic 2014 "Street to Screen"

Automotive design is getting it’s due recognition lately, and the connections are spreading. The Petersen Automotive Museum is partnering with the Art Center College of Design; the Art Center just held their 2014 Car Classic – “Street to Screen” celebrating Hollywood cars; Richard Pietruska was recently honored for 40 years of instruction at the Art Center; all are contributing to a renaissance in recognizing design.

AutoDesignO is doing its part showing character and characters in cars.

2016 MX-5 Miata

2016 MX-5 Miata

by Randy Berg

Video of panel discussion published by: Right Track Motoring

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