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Palm Desert CA, Mar 29-30 2014 - Being Italian means being passionate, by job description. Monica Lotti grew up in Italy -- living close enough to the Ferrari automobile plant, she could hear the engines screaming around the factory track. Her passion went into painting -- and when deciding what to paint, it was a natural progression to find her form in fine Italian cars. With ripe and colorful subject matter, Monica set out to do something different.

Purveying her canvases, you see texture like never before -- dollops of paint thick enough to form deep shadows. Monica achieves the dimensional look with a rather simple but unconventional tool -- a spatula. The result is unique -- you can feel the passion in the volume of work (and paint). The high ridges of paint catch the light and features the lines of the cars at the same time as conveying weather and speed.

Monica's passion for painting Italian cars made her a fitting feature artist for the inaugural Desert Concorso. The event kicked off with a gathering at Melissa Morgan Gallery on the strip in Palm Desert CA. Introduced by Car Guy Tour Italia's Frank Mandarano, Monica spoke to an interested crowd in Italian; translated by friend Silvia. She was also interviewed on stage at the Desert Concorso event where she offered her paintings for sale.

For one version, perhaps Monica will be inspired by the sandstorm that blew over the first show, adding sandy brown sky and golden dust over the latest Ferrari of choice. That will need a few more buckets of paint, the way she goes.

by Randy Berg

(pictures used with permission - no unauthorized reproduction)

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