CXC Simulations - Open House

Los Angeles CA, Apr 17 2013 - CXC Simulations Open House Apr 14 2013

CXC Simulations is a Southern California manufacturing company creating world class drive and flight simulators. California grew up around automobiles and aircraft – a culture that still drives millions at work and play. CXC is the modern evolution of that history: producing high-tech, high-purpose products for the next-gen connected universe. 

Real race cars and airplanes are big and real expensive, providing no margin for error in handling. Professional user training is a significant requirement and ultimate contributor to attain best safety and performance results on the ground and in the air. The cost of simulation is but a fraction for a close experience.

Actual motion in simulation machines creates the potential for wear and tear. CXC has taken the high road to assemble quality simulators. Tom Haake is Head of Development at CXC and states “our product is custom built every time we build it, right here in Los Angeles – all by hand, which is nice. They feature some pretty incredible materials such as carbon fiber, powder coated steel, titanium, aluminum and stainless steel.”

Elliott Skeer is one of the next-gen race car drivers; able to take advantage of online multiplayer racing software to compete head to head with other drivers on perfect digital replicas of many major race tracks. “Now, I have the same iRacing at home, so I’m able to run the same program but only with a wooden chair and small computer. So I can kind of keep my bearing straight on something like that, and then I come to a place like CXC and you can really focus and get your setups right, and get your mind in the right position for race weekend.”

Driving the first laps on simulator is daunting to a rookie, but you quickly become immersed in the CXC worlds and learn to read the feedback coming back at you. It’s public humility to crash into the wall spinning at 100 mph – but a relief to just push the reset button to try it again; another McLaren saved from oblivion. You can just unbuckle and walk away, but with sad regret that you can’t put 20 inchers on it and drive the whole thing home. The shop near LAX isn’t so far away to go for virtual laps to feed a new pastime.

I’m going to ask for a cup holder though...

CXC Custom 2006 Lola Champ Car:

by Randy Berg 

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