Concorso Italiano: Coastal Color, Italian Style

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Monterey CA, Aug 16 2014 - Concorso Italiano is a celebration of culture expressed through a colorful history of technology, design, and tradition.  2014 brought some tinkering to the program, with great results.

After years of Friday gathering, the Concorso management swung in favor of opening the field Saturday to a bigger round of weekend participants.

The move back to Bayonet Blackhorse Golf Course provided an upgrade to the scenery as well. The layout of cars and vendor tents was easier to navigate, and provided endless lines of sight clear through to the Pacific Ocean.

Attending Concorso achieves sheer overload of senses being within the range of hundreds of the best exotic cars on the planet. The dose of sunshine and reflection of Italy provides a positive charge that you take with you until next time.

Photos: Randy Berg

Pictured below: 1970 Ferrari 246 GT and Lamborghini 595 Zagato

1970 Ferrari 246 GT at Concorso Italiano
1970 Ferrari 246 GT at Concorso Italiano
Lamborghini 595 Zagato at Concorso Italiano 2014 Monterey Car Week

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