Concorso Italiano 2013: Lifestylus Maximus - Short

Monterey CA, Aug 16 2013 - The annual August automotive frenzy of Monterey-Pebble Beach is a fantastic collection of like-minded events tending to the highest level of man, machinery and the lifestyles that follow. While most gatherings celebrate the best of everything, one small region of the planet has a big enough share of special car history that they can hold a show all on their own.

Concorsco Italiano 2013

Concorso Italiano is that celebration - a long running show of Italian  culture, tradition and outreach. After 28 years, Concorso has become a local fixture; a holy not-to-miss occasion; mecca for lovers of Italian automobiles. Throw in some entertainment – great food, music, fashion show, great stage hosts, celebrities and you make memories that last.

Keith Martin Concorso Italilano

Keith Martin - Concorso Italiano Awards Master of Ceremonies

For the people involved, it’s all family; it’s just something they do. MC Alan Richmond hosted proceedings for his 25th year. That continuity is a good sign that something is worthwhile – an enduring legacy of accomplishment. Keith Martin (Sports Car Market), Matt Stone, judge Gary Bobileff and others kept the crowd entertained – speakers all along the fairway so you don’t miss the show. The crowds were swayed to shopping at nearly 50 exhibits, and presented with numerous options of food fare.

Concorso Itaiiano results in an assa

Said fairway is a greatway this day – an amazing gauntlet of Italian history and beauty. Around 1000 cars arrive from all parts of the country – annual pilgrimage for many. The show results in an assault of color; seas of red and yellow aside, there is a shade of everything in the visible light spectrum here. The early fog provides dramatic lighting before the gorgeous California sun burns through for its own look. It is quite an experience to set eyes across the bows of endless red Ferraris; a whole field of Apollos (50th anniversary); rows of Lamborghinis (50th anniversary) bigger than an Italian football field.

Ferrari San Francisco Concorso Italiano

Concorso Italiano attracts a big crowd – that becomes a big opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to meet with their customers. Numerous Italian dealers between Newport Beach and San Francisco adorned the hills and holes.

Steve Saleen at Concorso Italiano

Famed carmaker Steve Saleen offered that “it’s a celebration of primarily Italian supercars, but we’re also fortunate to have the Saleen supercars here today. It’s really a celebration weekend at Pebble Beach for all cars, but this particular event is really cool because just about every exotic car that has ever been made; examples from the history of exotic cars to current, and even some future cars.”

fine wine and design, and lifestyles of the rich and famous atConcorso Italiano 2013

Concorso Italiano is one of the must-do-once activities of those attracted to fine folks and their automobiles, fine wine and design, and lifestyles of the rich and famous. It’s quite possible you might become part of the Concorso family though – and like them keep coming back forever…

Callaway Corvette Concorso Italiano 2013

Callaway Corvette Z06 505HP

Concorso Italiano Fashion Show Video


Lifestylus Maximus Video Highlights:

Live Music:
William Russell

Patrick Swanson
1961 Autobianchi Bianchina

Ron Santarciero
Atlantis StargazerConcept

Appearing Sponsors:

Tim McGrane
Blackhawk Automotive Museum

Emmanuel Turin
Ferrari of San Francisco

Nick Jones
Newport Beach Lamborghini

Steve Saleen
Saleen Automotive

Leslie Kendall
Petersen Automotive Museum

Dean Pliaconis
Plycar Automotive Logistics

Story, photos, & video by Randy Berg

Concorso Italiano Sponsors



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