Carbon Fiber Goes Mainstream at 2014 Detroit Auto Show

Edmunds, Jan 21 2014 - Among the trends in evidence at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show is an abundance of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a super strong and lightweight material that is considered to be a vital part of automakers' efforts to improve performance and fuel economy. Cost has been the main hurdle to widespread use of carbon fiber in cars and trucks. But it's clear that automakers have carbon fiber at the top of their wish lists, especially with the proliferation of the material on display here.

Related: Popular Mechanics, Jan 27 2014 - New 3D Printer by MarkForged Can Print With Carbon Fiber - Looking for a better way to make racecar parts, Gregory Mark invents a 3D printer that can print in tough, lightweight carbon fiber, the first of its kind.

Photo by Randy Berg: BMW i8 plug-n hybrid sport coupe - LA Auto show 2013

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