Bug-In 38: Mexico.vw 1961 - Reinvented

Irwindale Speedway / Event Center, April 28 2013 -  Few cars transcend eras, generations, classes or demographics as much as the Volkswagen Beetle. Bugs have always represented a user statement - a personalized ode to the fork in the road. They are also easy to fix and cost effective to drive. No wonder you can fill a huge parking lot at the Irwindale Event Center with one of every kind of classic Volkswagen.


1961 VW Bug at Bug-In 38
Most people get the bug early in life, along with a few buggy punches in the arm. Sometimes it comes to you later in life. Manuel Jimenez of Temple City CA bought his 1961 VW (originally from Mexico) 14 years ago - then stored in a garage for 10 years.
 Manuel Jimenez 1961 VW Bug Bug-In 38
Then the Bug bug bit - 4 years ago Manuel rolled the car out and started to take it apart. He looked around - saw a lot of Bugs; wanted something unique for his car. He rebuilt his baby from the ground up - had a hand in all the work with interior, engine and body work.

1961 VW Bug Re-invented Bug-In 38
The $6000 audio system is a bit of a draw - if the right tunes are on. Last year at Bug-in #37 Manuel won Best Display. His car shows a high degree of professional care ($) and attention to detail. Just four years into his Bug interest, Miguel is reinventing himself along the way. He might even get away often with the moving noise violations due to the novelty factor. Next year I'm bringing Pink Floyd.

Photos, Story & Video by Randy Berg


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