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Costa Mesa CA, Sept 12 2015 - Proverb says charity begins at home - one's first responsibility is for the needs of one's own family and friends. The sage advice is not a selfish pledge but a practical reality for families in need and growth mode. Theory is, there will be more happiness and wealth for all in the end. Some folks make their fortunes and forget where charity ends – somewhere else. A rare few remember where they came from and don’t mind taking the time to give something back.

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Brad Boyle grew up without a lot of things he might have wanted. Not in the spoiled way, it was just not an option financially. That modest upbringing was no apparent obstacle to future success, however. Good fortune came in the form of good business, and before too late in life Brad Boyle had enough to keep growing. With a lifelong interest in motorcycles and cars, he put a lot of love, elbow grease, manpower and great dollars into what might be the world’s most fantastic motorcycle collection. By now, this is something substantial – and something he can give back to the world and have fun doing it.

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In revealing part of the treasures in a few sprawling warehouses in Costa Mesa, Brad Boyle Motorsports hosts regular barbeque events in support of his favored causes. Every cycle in sight has been restored to factory new condition, with nary a spot of dust – and we’re talking hundreds and hundreds of bikes. This is motorcycle heaven and history’s showroom in one.

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 Blues Brothers 1974 Dodge Monaco Police Car

The recent gathering featured movie cars in addition to some wicked attendee rides – all in mind of the Boys Republic, the Chino Hills youth turn-arounder. Brad has contributed rows of bikes to the annual Steve McQueen Motorcycle and Car Show held on the grounds at Boys Republic.

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A sign of how great a man he is can be found in the number of family and friends show up at your house for a meal. A couple hundred of them paid to play on a hot September day and caught an eyeful of color and chrome (and a fine mouthful). Seems Brad is still bringing charity home - to family, a lot of friends. Count us in!

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 Back to the Future Today (Video)

 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett Sidecar, Champion of National Sidecar Racing

 Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett Sidecar No 2, National Sidecar Racing Champion

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by Randy Berg

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