Bloomington Gold Great Hall 2014: The Future Arrived

Champaign IL, June 27 2014 - For the 5th and final year the Great Hall at Bloomington Gold recognized 10 people and 10 Corvettes that had a large impact on the Corvette phenomenon.

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2008 Corvette C6.R Racing Milestone Le Mans Winner

DSC08336b 2014 07 02.1080

The Future Arrived - Winning Le Mans in 1960 was like landing on the moon less than a decade after the first space flight. Remember the first man on the moon? Remember the last one? Same with Corvette. But that’s good news. Corvette’s success has become commonplace.

Over the past 15 years, Corvette has won 90 global victories and 10 manufacturers’ championships. This 2008 Corvette #007 won the last GT1 race before being discontinued in 2009. Although this C6.R is not a true factory racing pioneer, #007 did carry the Corvette logo and brand across the finish line to win its class during the 24 Hours of LeMans – a world class accomplishment.

Unlike the Corvettes of the 50’s and 60’s that struggled for recognition within the sports car community, today’s Corvettes are recognized as a competitor on par with other global sports cars. Whether it was this C6.R in the corners of Le Mans or a factiroy C6/C7 on the straightwaway of a Kansas interstate. Corvette has gained the respect that obsessed chief engineer Ed Cole in 1955 to race a few “pioneer” Corvettes at Daytona and Sebring.

The gap has been closed.

Source: Bloomington Gold
Photos: Randy Berg



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