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Oct 21 2015 - The Back to the Future has arrived. The classic 80s movie has spawned a cult following and made a star of a car - the famous Delorean. 30 years later there is a whole cottage industry out there making more copies of the BttF car, as everyone needs to see one somewhere.

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Doc Nigh dialed in the present day at a Brad Boyle Motorsports reunion recently. His carbon copy BttF Delorean car is an entertainment module by itself, but Doc is a high energy plugged-in character as well. Doc leads Team Time Car, starring in the online reality series The Fireball Run in support of finding missing children - see for the story on the 40 team, 8 day, 2000 mile trivia pursuit game.

DSC04134 20151021.1080

People love movie cars - and going to classic car shows that feature them. Doc and the Steve McQueen Car Show started a trend with the Bullitt theme a few years back - legendary car guy Dave Kunz providing the Mustang fastback rep. Doc's Delorean soon made front row, then the Blues Brothers' Dodge and the Nightrider Firebird joined the crowd.

Brad Boyle Motorsports tied all of these strings at a fundraising barbeque, in support of the Boys Republic. Brad Boyle says he didn't have much when he was young, but was blessed with a successful business career and is now giving back to others because he can.

Who says money can't buy happiness? It bought mine!

by Randy Berg

Copyright 2015

Video by: Toyota USA

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