Automotive Fine Arts Society - Pebble Beach 2017

Pebble Beach CA, Aug 19 2017 - AFAS has been joined at the hip with Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance for more than 3 decades, and almost as long with the Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Company. D'owners of the finest automobiles in the world gather on the Pebble Beach Golf Course to celebrate the pinnacle of their craft. It makes sense for the best automobiles artists and their art be celebrated in the same green environment with so many like minded people.

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Ken Eberts founded the AFAS group in 1984 with 5 others - today there are 32 members of which he continues to lead. Great people events always attract great supporting talent. Robert Larivee produced the first exhibitions in the 80s - still contributing comprehensive books on automobile history. Dave Kunz has called the AFAS show for 12 straight years - by now this is a smooth running show under his voice control. 

AFAS Exhibit - Award Night

Hot Rod Detroit Pictorial produced by Robert Larivee

AFAS Exhibit - Award Night

"Cobra - The Legend" fiberglass art by Richard Pietruska

For those previously unexposed souls thinking AFAS might stand for "As Far As Sunday", the objectives of the Automotive Fine Arts Society really are:

 - exhibit the automotive fine art works of its members

 - promote and publicize the work of its members

 - raise the standards of automotive art to a level of acceptance as serious fine art from the point of view of both collectors and critics

 - provide, through the society, a practical means to form enduring friendships, exchange ideas and build fellowship among automotive fine artists and enthusiasts

"Scuderia Ferrari-15" wood sculpture by Dennis Hoyt at AFAS Exhibit - Award Night

"Scuderia Ferrari-15" wood sculpture by Dennis Hoyt

AFAS Exhibit - Award Night

 1951 Ferrari 212 Export Touring Barchetta by Barry Rowe

AFAS Exhibit - Award Night

Tony Sikorski with his art collection

AFAS Exhibit - Award Night

Barry Meguiar shoots Oregon artist Dennis Hoyt

Bruce Wheeler Art Collection at AFAS Exhibit - Award Night

Delahaye Sculpture by Bruce Wheeler

This one time a year Pebble Beach event checks all these boxes. We are checking our invite box for next year - August 25-26 2018.

"1988 Benetton B188, Alessandro Nannini" by Dean Adams at AFAS Exhibit - Award Night

"1988 Benetton B188, Alessandro Nannini" by Dean Adams

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2017 (Video)

by Randy Berg

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