Art Center Car Classic 2014: Star Car Power

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Pasadena CA, Oct 26 2014 - The Art Center College of Design picked a great place to set up shop. Southern California is well known for sun and surf, but also as a destination for creative types. To take advantage of the inhabitants of the design culture, many automotive manufacturers have built design studios – including Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW and Mazda.

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Of course, California is also the car culture capital of this side of the world. Add Hollywood television and movies to the mix and you have an end to end system for getting cars and concepts into the consciousness of the rest of the world. The Art Center Transportation faculty taps into all these factors and, somehow avoiding the obvious until now – made movie cars the focus of the 2014 Art Center Car Classic.  “Street to Screen” is at once an homage to the cars as stars industry and an honoring nod to the alumni who went on to help create it.

Dave Kunz emcee at Art Center Car Classic

The event is also a chance to give back to the public, and in turn get something back in form of financial contributions. The Car Classic is the biggest fundraising event of the year for the college. Name the theme and they can expect to draw upon the stars of the day to lend their name, their cars and their time. Jay Leno is a regular (drove in with a 1 of 2 Chrysler Gas Turbine sedan), as is Dave Kunz of ABC-4 TV Los Angeles (with his 1968 Mustang fastback as Steve McQueen Bullitt clone). One of the Art Center’s most famous alumni Chip Foose was a featured guest this year.

2015 McLaren P1 Coupe

The Car Classic is not a Concours show, though given the stock on the back lawn would surely qualify the event as such. Transportation Design Chair Stewart Reed patiently and often explains that this is rather a celebration of art and design. We wonder how he’s going to explain the engineering-prank-like stunt that put Hollywoodland kind of big white letters up on the hill in view of the patrons. Sometimes it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission – an act of rebellion or progress that is surely taught in careful measures to every student of transportation design.

Pictured below: 1967 Porsche 906 Carrera 6; 1930 Packard 7-45 Dual Cowl Sport "Singin' in the Rain" car; 1949 Kurtis Sportscar: Hot Rods and Special Award;
Fiat 500 Pumpkin Patched Halloween car; and 1966 Lola T70 Can Am Roadster George Follmer No 16

by Randy Berg

Award Winners: Record Crowd Revels in Batmobile-mania at Art Center Car Classic Street to Screen

1967 Porsche 906 Carrera 6 at Art Center Car Classic 2014
1930 Packard 7-45 Dual Cowl Sport "Singin' in the Rain" car at Art Center Car Classic 2014
1949 Kurtis Sportscar: Hot Rods and Special Award at Art Center Car Classic 2014
Fiat 500 Pumpkin Patched Halloween car at Art Center Car Classic 2014
1966 Lola T70 Can Am Roadster: George Follmer No 16 at Art Center Car Classic 2014

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