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Torrance CA, Sep 16, 2014 - If you were able to walk in the 1970’s you probably remember the first time your eyes landed on a Honda automobile. You knew perfectly well about Honda motorcycles – a Honda car?! If you lived outside the big major cities you likely didn’t see too many of the first models delivered to North America – the N600 or the Z600. But no matter where you surely saw the Honda Civic - they made 700,000 units of the “C1” Honda. The CVCC engine provided for 48 mpg AND great emissions output that voided the need for catalytic converters.

1975 Civic CVCC

1975 Civic CVCC

The early Hondas were small, light framed and thin skinned. Rust from road salt was a problem as with many cars of the era – very few are still driving, and certain parts are hard to find. If the body held the Civic would run forever though – quickly earning a name for quality. Americans continued to buy Hondas; made better every year to keep ahead of increasing expectations.

1991 Acura NSX

1991 Acura NSX 1st Generation

Though Honda is long synonymous with engines to power devices, brands can often be limited by market thinking of what can be. To a lot of folks Honda means small; fuel efficient; practical; understated; under the radar. How do you convince someone to buy butter for the bread you’ve been serving? Honda’s answer to the call for luxury was to create a separate division named Acura. The new brand has stuck around as well as that of the parents – filling in with several key market demographics.

2015 TLX Performance Luxury Sedan

To celebrate the release of the flagship TLX luxury performance sedan, Acura hosted MPG’s monthly luncheon at the spacious Honda Museum in Torrance CA. Members enjoyed a great lunch flanked by rows of classic and memorable Honda and Acura - cars of family lore. Most of the audience admitted to having owned one of the brands. MPG President Joni Gray introduced Acura Division’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Michael Accavitti’s presentation on the brand’s new shine. Michael admitted to recent market waywardness but he’s betting they’ve got the new strategy right. If he wins, they’re going to have to get a bigger museum.

1999 Honda Reynard CART IndyCar

1999 Honda Reynard CART IndyCar

2009 Acura ARX-02a

2009 Acura ARX-02a: car untouched since de Ferrari won at Laguna Seca Raceway

1997 Honda GRX Concept

1997 Honda GRX Concept

1995 Acura CLX Concept

1995 Acura CLX Concept

2006 CRF450X Baja 1000 Winner

2006 Honda CRF450X Baja 1000 Winner

American Honda Museum

American Honda Motor Co Torrence CA since 1959

by Randy Berg

Pictured below: Honda P-Nut (Personal-Neo Urban Transport) Concept - designed to use gas, hybrid or pure electric propulsions

Honda P-Nut Concept at American Honda Museum

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