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Fontana CA, Dec 15 2013 - Race car drivers are made, not born. Everyone starts at the same pole position in racing life. Most don't dream so big, not having the option or opportunity to try. It's a big ticket sport -- the cars and supporting infrastructure cost a lot of money. Given year 'round sunshine, it pays to play in Southern California -- host to a number of popular tracks.

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It also pays to expand the experience to a wider flock. Allen Berg Racing Schools operates at various tracks in Canada and California -- the latter providing a huge market and said all year good weather. While providing multi-day racing courses at all levels of expertise, ordinary men and women can sign up for an introductory course and be driving open wheel Formula cars within hours.

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Allen Berg runs most of the training sessions himself. As a former Formula One race car driver, he has the street cred to make it work. After a classroom briefing, Allen takes the small class of patrons around the auto-cross track in a minivan. Takes around at top speed, that is. You can't believe a Town & Country can survive the corner coming up, but Allen calmly applies the proper braking and accelerating -- and explains all in the process.

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The crew helps each individual get set up in the car, and away goes the team in a pack following a chase car to blaze the trail. Optional hot laps are available after class -- an absolute must once belted into the car. Alas, the laps are over before you know it -- you can walk away satisfied but not finished. You can watch your race over again later on the optional GoPro video SD card supplied.

If you didn't dream about racing cars before you will kick, shift and swerve in your sleep for many nights after. The sense of accomplishment will encourage a lot more folks to spend time at the track. Allen Berg Racing Schools will be there - ready for the next level.


by Randy Berg


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